Archive Pics

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-Me @ Diamondhead 2002

Me, attempting to drive an O.S. Shay

-Coming out to the tunnel at Pensy

-Going into the second tunnel under Sensei Katchan's watchful eye

My Old Coffee Pot now belongs to Steve Robertson.

-Coffee Pot at Pensy

The real Coffee Pot, in Australia

A Rishon Mason Bogie

-Me, in front of somebody else's seven eighths scale locomotive

If you haven't grown up by the time you are 60, you don't have to!

-Steamtom1 (me), Steamtom2 (Tom Toth) and Carey Owen, at the train bar -- Diamondhead 2001

I'm limiting my carb intake--to Sam Adams.

-Mayflower coming into the station

My Americanized Merlin Mayflower

Colorful Asters

-More Colorful Locos, Katie & The Coffee Pot

Bill Shipp's scratchbuilt Guinness industrial locomotive

-London Transport Pannier at Pensy

An Aster London Transport Pannier pulling a work train

The real Pannier (London Transport L99)

Roundhouse Stanley with Litelines Paint

Lady Anne in Litelines trim

Lady Anne coming out of the tunnel at Pensy

Cool, damp weather makes for great plumes.

My old Twin Fairlie now belongs to Diana Eaton.

Roundhouse Katy at Pensy

Katy in the flowers

Count the chuffs.

The Countess on the bridge at Pensy

The real Cargo Domizil car at Davos

The real LGB cement car, near Davos, Switzerland

-Amtrak Cascades in Portland

-Pannier 3738

The real Pannier number 3738 on Turntable

-A Pannier pulling the Shakespeare Express

JAlbum 6.1