Canterbury Village - Fall 2005

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Live steam is for families.

That's the one I want.

Me too!

Can girls get these too?

Look Mom, it's...


Now you listen. You are going to like these trains. Do you hear!

Hey! After all, what's not to like about double heading Forneys?

How do you like them chickens? Or Weeee, this is a fun ride!

Fred, running his coal fired Ruby

John Wessels logging train

An HO Scale live steamer

Conductor Jim signals the engineer.

A stick bug likes the heat of this recently run locomotive.

Fred's B&O Mikado

My Geoffbuilt Shay pulling a log train

Bruce, adjusting his Mogol

Mr. Whistle, adjusting his Shay

Bruce's Mogol

It was a long, hard day for Mary and Bev, but somebody had to do it.

JAlbum 5.1