DH 2016

First run of 2016 season - Will Lindley and his boat. And she runs---on steam! Will preping my Backwoods Shay...
Geoffbuilt... Backwoods Shay Geoffbuilt Backwoods Shay Kendrick's...
Meccano Delivering the Ducks... Did anyone think to turn off the smoke alarms First annual Stanley Up
First Annual Stanley-Up 2016 Brit running her Pannier... Paul - Brit in the wee hours Scotch tasting crew
Rolling out the dough... a few cuts... a little hot peanut oil... a little sugar, and then Voila!
An old college friend, and her husband, stopped by. Canal Street B-17 P-51 Mustang
Half a house Fire... in the Hold! It's a long train coming...
My new Aster Alishan Shay Nice boat Brit's new Roundhouse Jack Chris's Robot @ Diamondhead 2016
Tom Rolt in the early a.m. Tom Rolt working hard.