Diamondhead 2005

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Getting here a week early has its benefits.

The Michigan Small Scale Live Steamers were well represented.

Peter Comley's new creation...

speeds by.

and it ran well!

An Aster Great Western Pannier hauls a British mixed freight.

Tom Burns' magnificently detailed Accucraft K-27

Jim Hadden's latest masterpiece

A close up

Allison Wondersteam

John Bigelow watches my Roundhouse Katy...

and his new acquisition.

Sometimes the road names did not match.

And sometimes the scale.

Caleb runs his Daylight -- at night!

Bev and Carol - two lady steamers

Morgan and Diana, two more

Our own private chef

Bill Burgess with his latest creation

David Martin's American on its new display stand

Fred Gandolfi's Hudson

Kevin O'Connor working his magic.


Master Modeler and Hammer Dulcimer Maker, Bob Starr

John Shawe even coal fired a Scotsman.

Kate gets a little extra help from Dawn

The high school kids with the Ruby they assembled in class

Kevin Strong

Murray Wilson's exquisite antiques

Next generation steamers

Plenty of track time this year

Raif with his Ffestiniog Train

Rick's 3 cylinder Accucraft Shay

Some of us really came prepared.

Stanley still steaming

The Canadians have arrived

The new Accucraft Switcher

The whistle masters confer.

Torry Krutzke checks out his coal fired K-27

Tuning the Tuba

Whistle Master Weltyk holds class.

Who says that you cannot make a plastic live steamer?

Why is this man smiling?

Would you believe a 2-8-8-8-4?

Ed Cook's Propane fired train

JAlbum 5.1