Diamondhead 2013-1

Setting up the Track Diamondhead Track (Carol Jobusch photo) DH 2013 Banner Project Banner  Track Replacement Project Banner
Blue Duchess  Aster Blue Duchess Duchess   2  My Duchess of Sutherland Duchess   1  More Duchess An Accucraft Pervil -- Nice Plume!
The Bar   1  The Train Bar... The Bar   2  From another angle. Bob's T 1 Carrying Case - Copy  Bob Weltyk's T1 Carrying Case Brit   2  Brittany...
Brit running coal   2  Running a Coal Fired Locomotive. Brit running coal   1  Brit Stoking the Fire Carol our Photog  Carol, Our Photog Kids With Cameras  Future Photog...
Lighting Up Willi  Lighting Up Willi (Kendrick Bisset photo) Jane   1  Brandbright Jane French Loco Caleb, testing out the hotel smoke alarm system
Merlin   2  Americanized Merlin Mayflower Larry (Red Beard) Newman  Larry (Red Beard) Newman, with his scratch built Heisler Pete's Pannier  Pete Comley, and His Pannier Pannier  My Pannier
Jerry Sheehan Shay   1  My Old Geoffbuilt Shay... Shay   2  Keeps on going. John Reilly  John Riley wins first place trophy.
Emily tests out her new loco Tanner   1  Tanner... Tanner   2  Running his Aster Hudson. The Scotsman, with Will's Battle of Britain awaiting clearance
Schools with Will's coaches  My Aster Schoosl, with Will Lindley's Coaches My Schools, pulling Dan Fullr's Aster coaches John Shawe with Kenrick's Loco  John Shawe Kenrick's Erector Set Train  Kendrick's British Meccano Loco, with Crain
Katie  Roundhouse Katie Bassett Loke   1  My O Gauge Bassett-Lowke Will's T1 With a rake of magnificent David Leech coaches
Will, running his Pennsylvania RR Tug