Durand Station 100 years - 2005

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The Michigan Small Scale Live Steamers

Bob Weltyk inspecting the Huckleberry train

Bob Weltyk with his 3 cyl Accucraft Shay

Bill Kay with his Porter

Bill's Backwoods loco coming...

and going

Tom Toth's Roundhouse Jack

Toth's custom built Prarie

Fred Gandolfi runs his Pearse Colorado

Fred launching his Aster Hudson

Fred's Accucraft Shay

Weltyk's Whistle

Tom Myers' Americanized Merlin with Showplow

Tom Myers' Roundhouse Katie

Tom's Katie in Sunshine

John Wessels runs his Accucraft Shay

Jim Bowers with his new Roundhouse Forney

John, Tom and Bill on high track

John Fuller's new Accucraft Mogol

Peanuts with Stanley

Peanuts with Huckleberry

Peanut checking out the 464

Peanut with Face Paint

Peanut with Katy

JAlbum 5.1