Ernie Noa's Fall 2004 SteamUp

Our host, Ernie Noa's, beautifully weathered Accucraft Open Cab Shay The neighbors stopped by after the game. Illinois lost! Tom Leaton's Aster Schools Tom Toth's Cheddar Reasa
With a little help from the crew, my GER even ran well. Fred Gandolfi making final adjustments to his Weltyk steam whistle Hey Pete! No wonder we've been making such good time the last half hour. Jim Sanders' Argyle Bantum
Jim Sanders tweaking Rich Black's 3 cylinder Accucraft Shay She runs, and with a nice plume. John Fuller's coal fired loco John Garrett's semi-automatic watering system for his Aster Lion
The Lion in silhouette The Bruce Gathman Whatalator A Spitalator. And testing proves it works. Larry Herget's scratchbuilt
Larry's Scratchbuilt in silhouette My Roundhouse Katy, chugging along Little known fact--on hot summer days they filled coal hoppers with water, and used them as swimming pools for the crew. Here's proof. Much work was completed by the crew over the weekend.