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The four mainline railways that, in 1948, became British Railways...

LNER - Flying Scotsman

Southern - Schools Class

Great Western - Pannier Tank

LMS - Duchess of Sutherland

Thomas' friend Gerry, (GER) with Annie and Clarabel. OKay, so he wasn't part of British Railways, but the kids sure like him.

Peterborough Garden RY Show - 2016

A trip on the Talyllyn Railroad in Wales - 2016

Diamondhead 2016

Shay Days 2015

EnterTRAINment Junction Model Engineering Show 2015

Diamondhead 2015

Aster King Arthur Class Build Log

Dave Johnson's November 2014

Gratiot Valley SteamUp November 2014

Golden Spike Memorial, Promontory, Utah

Bob Weltyk's New and Improved Layout...

Port Huron Hobo Days 2014

Robb Devries SteamUp 2014

Durand 2014

Diamondhead 2014

Wonderfest Novi, Michigan - 2013

Port Huron & Detroit RR Historical Association Hobo Days - 2013

Pensy Labor Day - 2013

Shay Days 2013

My New Portable Layout

Log Cabin Days 2013

Paul Busey (of Cincinnati Garden RR Fame) Studio

My You-Tube Videos...

Running with the Big Boys in Durand...

A Really Good Plume Day...

Night Running, with Britany, @ Pensy...

Diamondhead 2013

Shay Days 2012

Diamondhead 2012

Dan Samuels' September SteamUp - 2011

Will Lindley's SteamUp - 2011

Huckleberry Railroad Days - 2011

Waterford, Michigan Log Cabin Days - 2011

Didcot Railway Museum

Diamondhead 2011

Eisenbahn Museum

Ron Brown Memorial SteamUp

Pensy Labor Day - 2010

Mt. Washington Cog Railway

Pennsylvania Live Steamers Labor Day 2009

Dan Samuels' Fall 2009 SteamUp

Waterford, Michigan Log Cabin Days - 2010

Owosso Steam Festival 2009

Will Lindley's 2010 Summer SteamUp

Will Lindley's Coal Fired Roundhouse/Sabre Steam Annette

Diamondhead - 2010

Diamondhead - 2009

Pensy Labor Day - 2008

The Forth Wednesday with Weltyk SteamUp

The Third Wednesday with Weltyk SteamUp

The Second Wednesday with Weltyk SteamUp

Inaugural Wednesday with Weltyk SteamUp

Diamondhead - 2008

Videos from the 2004, that's right 2004, Diamondhead SteamUp

August in October SteamUp

Weltyk's Last Day of Summer SteamUp - September 2007

Canterbury Village - September 2007

Pensylvania Live Steamers Labor Day - 2007

Huckleberry 4 day SteamUp - 2007

Smoke on the Water - 2007

Log Cabin Days - 2007

Durand Railroad Days - 2007

Diamondhead 2007

PDDS Therapy Session

The Duchess running on all four--Diamondhead 2007 3:00 a.m.

Rock Financial Christmas Show - 2006

Huckleberry 2006 - Sunday - Day 4, of 5

First revenue run of the Duchess

Gratiot Valley Spring 2006 Train Show

Troy Athens H.S. Train Show 2006

Some Photos from the Archives

Canterbury Village Fall 2005 SteamUp

Pensy Live Steamers Labor Day Saturday 2005

Pensy Live Steamers Labor Day Friday 2005

Bob Weltyk's Inaugural SteamUp

Huckleberry Railroad Railfan Days 2005

Shay Days 2005

Robb Devries June 2005 SteamUp

Click here for Durand, Michigan Train Station - 100 Year Celebration

Click here for Diamondhead 2005

Click here for Gratiot Valley Train Show - Fall 2004

Click here for Ernie Noa's 2004 October SteamUp

Click here for Canterbury Village 2004

Click here for Huckleberry Railroad Railfan Days 2004

Click here for Shay Days at Harbor Springs

Click here for Michigan June Steam-Ups (two of them)

Click here for Spring 2004 Michigan Steam-Ups (two of them)

Click here for Pictures from Urbana, Spring 2004

Click here for Pictures from Diamondhead 2004

Click here for Pictures from Pensy Live Steamers Fall 2003 Meet

Click here for Pictures of my new Coal Fired live steamer

Click here for General Live Steam Pictures

Click here for Diamondhead Pictures - 2003 and Earlier

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Steamtom 1 @ Durand running his

coal fired John Shawe Roundhouse Jack.

And you wonder why they call me "Steamtom"?