Shay Days 2005

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Ephraim Shay's birthday party. He was 166. Unfortunately he was detained elsewhere, and couldn't make the party.

My Geoffbuilt, with Shay House in the Background

My Geoffbuilt Shay blowing his Weltyk Steam Whistle

John Wessels' Log Train

The kids liked Tom Toth's Menagerie Train...

and Bill Kay's backwoods loco.

John Garrett's Climax

Wayne Sorenson's Climax

They came from near, (Harbor Springs - Bruce), and far, (Germany - Herbert)

The Homuths came down from Canada.

Bob Pennock made the trip, up from Ohio.

Wayne, with his Shay

Weltyk's 3 Cylinder Accucraft passes my Geoffbuilt.

Leroy Patterson's Aster Western Maryland

Let's See! Where does that thing go

Some people do a great job of detailing. I think this belongs to Paul Brink, who came from California.

Leroy explains the fine points of Shay locomotives to eager civilians.

Jim Sanders always brings something interesting.

Close up of a Graham Powered Climax

Ernie Noa always does a great job of weathering.

JAlbum 5.1