Shay Days 2015

P1000381  Our new Shay Days sign, designed and fabficated by Maryanne Wessels. P1000422  Ron Kurtz's magnificent crowd control sanctions. P1000388 P1000389
P1000392 P1000395 P1000394 P1000396
P1000399  Gee, Nanny, it really goes fast... P1000414 P1000406 P1000416
P1000417 P1000419 P1000421 P1000426
P1000431  Even the canines love live steam! P1000432 P1000435 P1000433  Dave Comer, conducting a seminar for newbies.
P1000439  The kids loved blowing my Weltyk Whistle, until they ran me out of steam. P1000441  The Deck on our condo... P1000443  The view from that deck--Boyne Highlands ski slopes.